‘We built this city’ – REVIEW



Sorry, but there might not be any further entries in the directory, because its pretty much been decided we are never leaving Hello Sunday.  Pretty much, because we haven’t run it by them as yet but surely its good news to have a permanently occupied table, yes?

Very newly opened in Sydenham, a beautifully restored Sunday School which started its life as a post office is now home to cafe Hello Sunday.

Generalisations are always a risk but you can often spot the owner of an establishment because they display a next level degree of care and investment in your experience.  This doesn’t apply at Hello Sunday, not because this doesn’t happen, but because every single person we encountered seemed to care so much about every customer’s comfort and enjoyment that we got really confused, and a “They must be the owner, they just offered someone their jersey”, “No, they definitely are, because [insert any number of nice things observed]” conversation ensued.  Unless their model is every employee has to buy in, then this is a sure sign that the people closest to Hello Sunday are proud of what they are doing, which is about the best endorsement of a place you can get.

Our warmth was enquired after several times while sitting in the extremely cute outdoor area complete with herb garden and seriously, the lovely lady looking after us offered to lend her scarf.  And I am pretty sure she bought out her jersey for someone else later.  This is above and beyond by anyones standards.

They enthusiastically discuss their amazing chefs who make everything from scratch.  Usually the toast and spreads option is a non-starter when up against anything with bacon, but when the jam and peanut butter is made in house, with changing flavours its a pretty serious contender.  Thats without even getting into the pistachio floss on the brioche option.  The food is simply sensational, with a depth of flavour thats exciting.  The menu is varied with some interesting options not seen on every breakfast menu ever, and the classics (a la eggs benedict) are elevated beyond what you expect.

For the record, it is owned by Christopher Penny, Yasmeen Clark and Jonathan Spark, who by the attitudes of the people working there, may well be the best bosses ever.

Needless to say Hello Sunday is a revelation.

See the this at their website